3G LTE Radio Access equipment delivery

​​​​​​​HE jointly with its partner and suppliers made
​​​​​​​ a Supply Chain Collaboration to deliver 3G LTE RAN equipment to Customer
Our Standalone 5G Solution

Ensure super-fast response times as well as the future-readiness of your network architecture, opening up new service-creation opportunities. NR Carrier Aggregation extends the capacity and coverage of mid- and high bands when combined with NR on low bands. With us, you can switch on 5G on low bands using your existing 4G Radio System radio and baseband, and share spectrum between 4G and 5G carriers based on traffic demand
5G Core - NR Solution

​​​​​​​Commercial 5G networks are going live around the world - and HE can lead the way. First movers can reshape the market and increase market share and revenue streams. Combining improved capacity with increased cost-efficiency 5G represents an opportunity for telecom operators to improve their consumer business. 5G also allows operators to explore new use cases and business models and capture new revenue streams through addressing industry digitalization. Our solution is ready to support operators that want to be one of the first to deploy 5G​​​​​​​